Annual reports and survey


The annual report is an account of how well we met our charge during the past year. It is an opportunity to highlight trends that will impact decisions and services in the Office of Classroom Management (OCM) through the next year and beyond.

Classroom survey

The annual OCM satisfaction and planning survey asks instructors how satisfied they are about the classroom(s) and or computer lab(s) they taught in during the fall semester. We also ask instructors which technology components are important to their teaching and what changes in technology, facilities, and services will have the strongest effect on their teaching. 

The chart below displays survey results from the past three years. Data comes from overall faculty satisfaction with OCM services, physical attributes, presentation technologies, and learning spaces.

The results from this survey help inform our planning for renovations and equipment changes, including updates for technology, furniture, and room features. Examples of these updates are listed below. If you would like more information about our survey and results, please contact us.

Technology user guide

Classroom equipment user guide
All rooms have a copy of a classroom equipment user guide. We continue to enhance and improve the instructions for both the website and in-room versions.

Technology document cameras

Document cameras
Document cameras are continually being added to classrooms during technology equipment lifecycle updates. The total classrooms with this feature moved from 53 in 2008 to 165 in 2014.

Technology laptop interface

HDMI, Mini-DisplayPort, VGA
A pilot program has been launched to provide system inputs for three connector types (HDMI, Mini-DisplayPort, VGA)​ in an effort to improve the room's laptop interface. This new option is being installed as funding becomes available.

Technology microphones

Microphone systems
We have been upgrading microphone systems with a rechargeable-style microphone in order to reduce the interruption to teaching caused by drained batteries and minimize the requirement to support battery changes.

Furniture accommodations accessibility

Each classroom is equipped with special seating in order to provide reasonable accommodations for students with disabilities. Reasonable accommodations are determined by the Disability Resource Center through consultations with students and other relevant members of the campus community.

Furniture chairs

All instructor chairs have been upgraded with height-adjustable capabilities.

Furniture standing height surfaces

Standing height surfaces
Standing height work surfaces are being added to the GPS Way Point study spaces during renovation projects.

Furniture tables

Lighter tables with wheels were added to various classrooms to provide flexible and easy-to-move student furniture.

AC window units

AC window units
AC window units were replaced with newer, quieter AC units.

Room features Akerman Hall

Akerman Hall
New windows and central air conditioning were added to all classrooms in Akerman Hall to create a more comfortable environment and provide better ventilation.

Room features door

Throughout annual renovations and upgrade projects, we have worked to improve the doors and door hardware to increase and improve accessibility. We have moved from having 27% of the classrooms accessible in 2002 to 97% in 2012.

Room features markerboards

The amount of writing surface increased as we added additional markerboards to classrooms.

Survey quotes

  • "The hotline responded immediately and fixed my problem. Very professional and attentive." - Peik Hall 
  • "I loved the active learning space -- it has revolutionized my teaching." - Blegen Hall 
  • "BioSci 12 has been nicely upgraded." - Bio Sciences
  • "The experience was great. Each time we needed assistance, the support hotline was quick to get us help and solve the problem." - Rapson Hall 
  • "The room is wonderfully spacious and open." - McNeal Hall 
  • "Overall LOVED this room - natural light and overall feel was professional and welcoming." - Elliott Hall