Classroom expectations of use

When scheduling an event, be aware of the rules, guidelines, and expectations of classroom use. Not all topics may apply to your event or room reservation, but may apply at the discretion of the Office of Classroom Management (OCM).

Note: The exterior doors of the buildings will remain locked and will only be accessible by UCard

Events that are compatible with general purpose classrooms include those that agree with the academic nature of classrooms and buildings. Events must not adversely impact classrooms or adjacent areas. The following examples are allowed in classrooms:

  • Meetings
  • Conferences
  • Workshops
  • Seminars
  • Review, information, or breakout sessions
  • Exams
  • Study groups
  • University staff events
  • Facilities Management maintenance

Events that are not compatible with general purpose classrooms include those that adversely impact classrooms, research, study, or other academic pursuits in adjacent areas. The following examples are not allowed in classrooms:

  • Amplified music
  • Dances (with the exception of Peik Gym G55 and G65)
  • Dinners
  • Parties
  • Theater, stage events, or performances
  • Events that require re-furnishing of rooms
  • Events that require removal of equipment

The University has alternate venues that can support events not well-suited for general purpose classrooms. Alternate venues include the Continuing Education and Conference Center, the Twin Cities Student Unions, Weisman Art Museum, Ted Mann Concert Hall, and Northrop Memorial Auditorium.

Please be aware of restrictions in classrooms during events:

  • Under no circumstances is furniture or other property to be removed from a classroom or brought into a room from another room.

  • Instructors, teaching assistants, or graduate students who have access to locked equipment for academic classes are not authorized to access the locked equipment for events.

  • Existing technology or systems in place in classrooms may not be opened or modified in any way.

  • Laptops/notebooks or other computing devices connected to University networks in classrooms must adhere to University policies including DHCP registration and security requirements.

Every event reservation requires a designated sponsor, which is typically a sponsoring organization. The sponsor will be held responsible for:

  • Adhering to the classroom expectations of use and University policies
  • Planning and coordinating all event-related arrangements
  • Ensuring proper conduct of the event
  • Ensuring proper use of classroom space, furniture, and equipment
  • Returning the classroom to its original configuration after the event
  • Any fees, deposits, or charges incurred during the course of the event

Failure to adhere to the guidelines, regulations, and policies that govern the use of classroom space may subject the sponsoring organization to future restrictions on reserving classroom space, such as deposit charges or restriction of privileges.

At the time you place your reservation request in Astra Schedule you will be asked to provide the name and contact information for your event sponsor.

Transfer, loan, or sublease your reservation
The authorization to use reserved space cannot be transferred to another organization or individual without prior written approval from OCM.

Transferring, loaning, or subleasing a reservation and/or misrepresenting the intended use of the room are serious matters that may result in immediate suspension of a group's eligibility to use classroom facilities.

Change the type of activity of your event
To change the type of activity of your event, you must request and receive written approval from OCM ( An event may not be changed from those identified as compatible to those listed as not compatible.

Cancel your reservation
Email directly if you need to change or cancel your event.

Classrooms are provided in "as is" condition for events. This means that the installed, unlocked equipment, features, and furniture in the room are available for your event as-is. The following items are typically included as part of a classroom reservation:

  • Standard classroom furniture (seating, tables, etc.)

  • Use of unlocked, standard room equipment

  • Use of unlocked technology

A classroom reservation does not include any event support services (A/V equipment, catering, custodial support, security). However, these services may be arranged on a fee basis with external partners.

The University does not require general liability insurance for most events scheduled by groups internal to the University. However, if the general public is invited to your event, separate insurance will be required.

Student groups: please refer to the SUA insurance information.

External organizations: you will be required to provide a certificate of insurance via one of the following:

  • Providing a certificate of insurance with a policy of $1,000,000 general commercial liability insurance

  • The purchase of liability insurance from the University, facilitated by the Office of Risk Management (see related policy)

  • If from a state or governmental agency that is self-insured, provide an official letter on letterhead of the insurance and coverage limits

Food, beverages, and catering for your event may be allowed with prior approval from OCM and by obtaining a food permit. Note that receiving a room reservation confirmation does not automatically include approval to serve food or beverages. Additionally, serving food or beverages may be subject to additional custodial charges by Facilities Management.

If you would like to serve food or beverages at your event, the following items will need to be completed:

  • Submit a food permit to the Department of Environmental Health and Safety at least 10 days prior to the date of your event.

  • Obtain written approval for food or beverages from OCM that will be included as part of your Use Lease Agreement.

Two of our rooms have distinct rules regarding food and beverages:

  • Food or beverages are not allowed at anytime, under any circumstances, in Willey Hall 125 and 175.

If your event requires setting up desks, tables, booths, or food services in hallways or public spaces, it must be arranged in advance with Facilities Management. The use of areas adjacent to classrooms, hallways, or public spaces should not restrict access to the classroom or interfere with any other areas. OCM does not facilitate the use of hallways or public spaces.

The University’s alcohol policy prohibits the unlawful or unauthorized use, possession, distribution, consumption, promotion, marketing, or sale of alcoholic beverages on University property or as part of any University activity. Violation of the University policy by a student will be adjudicated in accordance with the Student Conduct Code.

The University is a smoke- and tobacco-free institution. All students, staff, faculty, and visitors are prohibited from smoking, using, selling, free-distributing, and advertising tobacco products and electronic cigarettes in all facilities and on all University property.

If there will be minors at your event, you must comply with the University's Safety of Minors policy. For a summary of responsibilities under this policy, please see the Safety of Minors Registration Grid. If applicable, an addendum to your Use Lease agreement may be required.

Many OCM classrooms have various accessible features. Use Room Search to view accessibility features in specific classrooms, or contact the Disability Resource Center with questions.

If you have specific accessibility needs for your event, please make these known at the time you request to schedule your event.

Some events may require additional cleaning before or after the event, or if food and/or beverages are served. These costs will be included in your event confirmation.

If your event results in excess cleaning or damage to a classroom, additional fees may be charged at the discretion of Facilities Management.

You must vacate your reserved room with respect to the standard classroom hours of operation. Be aware that doors will automatically lock at the standard closing time.

Special circumstances apply if your event is an “after hours” event.

When you vacate, you must leave the classroom and its equipment in good order, and reset the classroom to its original configuration before vacating the room. You must:

  • Reset and straighten chairs and tables

  • Erase markerboard and dispose of any unusable supplies (dry markers, dirty erasers, paper towels)
  • Turn off any electronic equipment

  • Remove or dispose of any items you brought with you (supplies, waste, etc.)

  • Check for any damage to the room, furniture, and equipment

  • Generally ensure the room is class-ready

The University maintains a policy for distributing publications. Please review the policy before posting signs, flyers, or publicizing your event. Distributing promotional materials in classrooms is prohibited.

Violation of classroom rules, expectations of use, license agreements, policies, or other guidelines may result in probation or suspension of future classroom use. Likewise, extraordinary cleanup or any damages incurred will be charged at cost for the first offense. After a first offense, a reservation will require a $500 deposit.

Student groups that damage classroom facilities will be required to pay a $500 damage deposit per subsequent reservation until the group has not had additional damages for one year. The group will also be referred to SUA for possible disciplinary action. After a second significant incident, a student group’s use of classroom facilities may be suspended for one year.