Departmental classrooms

Departmental classrooms are individually-managed, supported, and scheduled by academic departments at the University of Minnesota. They are designed to meet the specific and more specialized needs of a given department or program. For example, studios, labs, and special use classrooms are considered departmental classrooms. 

Many departmental classrooms are scheduled using Astra and use a separate Astra event request form for requesting classrooms. Each of the following have their own specific Astra event request form:

  • Health Sciences (formally known as AHC)
  • Carlson School of Management
  • Dance: Barker & PC Gym only
  • Law School Mondale Hall
  • Theater: Rarig Only
  • All other departmental rooms that accept Astra event requests

Questions? Contact the department

If you have any comments or questions about a departmental classroom, contact the department that manages the classroom. 

To find who to contact in Astra: 

  • Go to
  • Click the resources tab
  • Click on Room link
  • Use the room number filter to find the classroom
    • Or filter by building and room type.
  • Find the room you want and hover over the index icon on the far left of the row. 
    • Contact information will appear in the description box.
Screen capture from Astra that shows room details information

Departmental Classroom Changes

If you need to have departmental room details edited or a new room created in Astra, contact