Compare microphone types

Microphones are available in select classrooms and are listed here in two groups to identify those that primarily amplify your voice in the room and those explicitly for use with conferencing and recording. 

All of the features listed here can be filtered using Room Search.

Microphones for voice amplification

These microphones are primarily designed to amplify voices for those in the room and are available to address conferencing needs.

Microphone - Instructor Wireless
The small rectangular mics (pictured below) are in the large majority of classrooms today. These microphones provide in-room voice amplification and may also be available for use with conferencing system by connecting to the USB cable at the instructor pedestal.


2 wireless microphones

Microphone - Student Table
Wired push-to-talk microphones are available in some Active Learning Classrooms at student tables. They play a critical role in the technology provided in those classrooms by bringing student voices across the room, online, or to a recording.


student table microphone

Microphones for conferencing or recording 

These microphones do not amplify voices for those in the room and are designed to provide audio for use with conferencing or recording needs.

Microphone - Student & Instructor Ceiling
Microphone arrays installed in the ceiling collect audio from the entire room for use by conferencing and recording software by connecting to the USB cable at the instructor pedestal. 


Ceiling microphone installed in a drop ceiling

Audio/Video Bar
This standalone echo-canceling microphone also works as a speaker and camera to capture video and audio of the front of the room.


Audio/Video bar installed on an instructor pedestal