Digital signage

Digital signage are LED monitors mounted in public spaces for the purpose of sharing information. They can be used for things like sharing news, wayfinding, displaying daily meeting schedules, and sharing information such as donor walls.


Contact CTS at with all requests for design, installation, and support of digital signage. CTS is a unit within the Office of Classroom Management.

How digital signage works

All displays are on a network connected to a central server to be able to easily synchronize content. Displays can be installed on any campus throughout the University of Minnesota system, along with off-campus facilities such as research stations or outreach centers.

  • The layout of information that appears on each display is customizable, allowing displays to be configured to support your content strategy and appearance preferences.

  • The content appearing on displays can be uploaded and managed from anywhere via the website Carousel Frontdoor. Permission and approval levels are built into the system.

  • Both picture and video with sound can be displayed.

  • On each system campus, Emergency Management has override access.

Access to Carousel Frontdoor

To make changes to permissions to your display (add, remove, change users), submit the Digital Signage Access form.