Digital signage

Dynamic digital signage (DDS) is information that is displayed digitally through monitors that are mounted inside buildings. When you own a digital signage monitor, you can fully customize its display to support your layout preferences and content, including images and video with sound. Some departments display news stories, meeting schedules, donation lists, and building directories.

Request installation

Please contact Classroom Technical Services (CTS) at with your installation request. CTS handles all purchasing and installation for digital signage monitors. Once you reach out, we will work with you on pricing, next steps, and where to install your monitor.

Digital signage monitors can be installed in any campus building throughout the University of Minnesota system as well as off-campus facilities, such as research stations and outreach centers. 

Maintain digital signage displays

Each department that owns a digital signage monitor is responsible for creating and maintaining their own content to display. Departments are also responsible for assigning digital signage to specific individuals. Those with access use Carousel Frontdoor to approve, upload, and or manage digital signage content. Note that Emergency Management has override access on each campus.

Assign or change access roles

Submit the Digital Signage Access form to add, remove, or change user access to your digital signage display monitor. You should submit this form anytime you need roles updated.

Assigned to one person

  • Assigns and removes access for all departmental digital sign contacts

  • Assigns and removes email addresses from email notifications lists

  • Assigns digital signage content approver(s) and content creator(s)

  • Ensures content compliance with University digital signage policies

  • May serve other roles if specified, including signage support representative

Assigned to one person

  • Communicates with CTS-IT with any technical issues

  • This position may be held by the signage manager

Assigned to one person, but two people are recommended (primary and alternate)

  • Creates digital signage content that is automatically authorized

  • Receives new content notification emails and approves content created by content creators, if designated by signage manager

  • Authorized to add, edit, or delete bulletins or communal media (i.e., templates, backgrounds, pictures, videos, etc.) within assigned zones

  • This position is assigned by the signage manager

  • This role may also serve as a content creator

Assigned to one person, but two people are recommended (primary and alternate)

  • Creates digital signage content that must be approved by a content approver; edited content must also be approved

  • Can only edit their own content and not other users’ content

  • This position is assigned by the signage manager

  • This position may be held by a content approver

Contact CTS

Email CTS at with any technical issues, including equipment, server, or access problems.