U Card access for OCM classrooms

Card access policy  

Some Office of Classroom Management (OCM) classrooms are fitted with U Card door locks. These locks are programmed to automatically open before the first class of the day and remain open until the end of the last class of the day. During the standard class day, no special keys or cards are needed to enter the classroom.

Whoever accesses the facilities outside of OCM classroom hours are responsible for following all rules and regulations of the University. Find more information about the University’s Building Access policy.

Requesting access

You can request card access privileges for OCM classrooms.

Supervisors must then approve the request for employees or students one week in advance of the desired activation date. The request will require the following:

U Card image showing 10-digit U Card number field and iClass number field
  • First and last name

  • Student or staff ID number

  • U Card number

  • iCLASS number (if applicable)

  • Building name

  • Room number

  • Access duration (start and end dates)

OCM submits all U Card access requests to the Department of Central Security (DCS). It may take DCS 48 hours to process the request. OCM will send you a confirmation email once your U Card has been programmed.

For access to other spaces (e.g., department classrooms, lounges, computer labs, offices), please contact your Department Facility Representative (DFR). To schedule public spaces and request access, please contact the appropriate District Administrative Manager from the Facilities Management district where your space is located.

Student employee card access will be assigned for no longer than a current academic period (fall, spring, summer, etc.). Access is available during regular building and office hours. Twenty-four-hour access may be granted if there is a clear need.

See the U Card Office for how to deactivate and replace your U Card. Supervisors are responsible for contacting OCM with up-to-date access information and changes for lost or stolen cards and employee termination.