Classrooms as Study spaces

General purpose classrooms are open (unlocked) during standard hours of operation. During these hours, classrooms are available for individual and group study when not scheduled for a class or event. Check out the Classroom Search for more information on classroom features and availability. A QR Code is posted outside all general purpose classrooms. Scanning it with your mobile device will bring you to today's schedule for the building.

Seating is first-come-first-serve, and room occupants cannot restrict access to other users during these open study hours. Classrooms are a shared resource; not a private study space.

Leaving a classroom

These rooms are first and foremost classrooms and must be ready for classes. Please:

  • Put tables and chairs back in their original configuration
  • Erase marker board(s)
  • Dispose of your trash
  • Please email if there are spills or room issues
  • Generally ensure the room is class-ready

Discover other places to study with Study Space Finder.  

Types of spaces

  • Coffee shops
  • Group study areas
  • Individual study areas


  • East Bank
  • West Bank
  • St. Paul

About Study Space Finder

Study Space Finder was a joint project between the Office of Classroom Management (OCM), University Libraries, Student Unions, Office of Information Technology (OIT), AHC Classroom Services, and University Services.