Billing and invoice information

Invoices for projects and services are electronically uploaded each month into the Enterprise Financial System (EFS) for departments throughout the University. Classroom Technical Services (CTS) invoices are archived in Perceptive Content within the CTS Invoice drawer.  Several invoices may be issued over the course of a project.

Access an invoice in Perceptive Content

You can access an internal invoice in Perceptive Content. Use your DeptID (recommended), PeopleSoft voucher ID, invoice date, or invoice number to find relevant invoices.

What is on the invoice?

An invoice includes project name and number, location, invoice number, invoice date, cost details for equipment, labor, service charges, and the EFS budget charged. View example invoices:

About the CTS business office

The business office provides administrative, financial, purchasing, and accounting services in support of CTS work.  When services are requested, a contract or internal service agreement (ISA) is generated to reflect the scope of work to be performed. Approval by signature and EFS budget designation is required from a fiduciary department approver prior to the start of the work.

Contact the CTS business office: