Find your CTS invoice in an EFS Look-up

The EFS look-up will assist you in determining your cost breakdown, matched to the CTS Invoice number (which starts with PROJ for projects, and looks like PROJOOXXXX or INVOXXXX for AV Equipment).

  1. Go to Accounts Payable. 
  2. Locate the center column called "Review Accounts Payable Info" and select "Vouchers."
  3. On the next screen, select "Accounting Entries".
  4. The header reads: Voucher Accounting Entries.
    1. First, change the business unit to "UMNIS" (for internal sales).
    2. Next, enter the voucher number, (eg. 01544641). 
    3. Then, click "search." 
      The screen will produce the CTS Invoice that starts with "PROJOOXXXX ... " or "INVOXXXX ... "
    4. Write it down or print the screen for use in ImageNow.

Note: on the "Voucher Accounting Entries" screen, the top half is the search. The bottom half is
labeled "Accounting Information." You can click the tabs to find detailed information about your bill.

If you want PDFs of your invoices, proceed to the ImageNow repository.