Ceiling microphone

Ceiling microphones provide a way for all voices in the room to be heard, whether online or captured in a recording.

Previously, they were limited to rooms with video conferencing codecs. Room improvements in 2020 have greatly expanded the number of rooms with a ceiling microphone. Filter room search for Ceiling Microphone to find which rooms have this feature.

Connecting your device

  1. Connect your laptop via the USB cable at the instructor pedestal, covered in our USB Camera & Audio instructions. It is often red in color.
  2. Select the new source for Microphone. It's likely the name of the USB hub in the classroom presentation system. Email us at classrm@umn.edu if you'd like help with this step or to request an in-person consultation.
Photo of ceiling mic installed flush with other tiles


Note: Unlike the wireless instructor microphones provided for in-room amplification, this equipment does not amplify voices in the room, and instead, provides audio for use in conferencing or recording software.