Audio/video bar

Audio/video bars provide your laptop with a camera, microphone, and speaker to connect with those online, record content, or both. To find a room with this feature, filter room search for “Audio/Video Bar”

The polycom studio product is shown as the current choice for providing an Audio/Video Bar.

Connecting your device

Unlike other microphones and cameras in classrooms, the Audio/Video Bars work independently from the room control system. They draw power from the pedestal, and signals are provided directly to your device via the red USB cable.

NOTE: If your laptop only has USB-C ports, you will need to bring an adapter to connect to this device which provides signals via the older USB type A style cable as pictured below.

  1. Connect the rectangular USB cable found in the cable cubby to your device running Zoom (or whatever software you plan to use to connect to those online or record content).
  2. Select “Polycom Studio Video” for camera in your software.
  3. Select “Polycom Studio Audio” for both microphone and speaker in your software.
Photo of red USB cable provided to connect to the Audio/Video Bar

Frequently asked questions

What is the range of the microphone?
The range of the microphone at full quality is 12 ft. It often picks up audio from beyond this range but quality drops off and can be affected by differences in room acoustics, competing ambient noise, and orientation of the device to the active speaker.

How can I adjust the volume of those online in Zoom?
In Zoom’s Audio Settings, use the slider for speaker to adjust how loud those online are heard in the classroom. Then click the “Test” button to confirm that the chime is at the right level. This is somewhat hidden to provide a consistent experience each time you use the same setup/room.

What is the camera range and quality?
The camera’s FOV is 120 degrees when zoomed wide, has a 5x zoom, and is capable of capturing a 4k resolution (typical use results in 1080p or 720p as most communication platforms, including Zoom, currently support those resolutions).

Will this device work with my tablet? What about my laptop running Linux? 
At this time, the Polycom Studio is compatible with devices running Windows 7 and newer, and Mac OS X 10.13 and newer. For Apple mobile devices running iOS like an iPad or iPhone, you can use an adapter to connect to the speakerphone as an audio device, but the camera is not available.

Can I turn off the speaker tracking feature in the camera to have a fixed or wide-angle shot? Speakertracking is left on to provide a consistent experience across all rooms with an Audio/Video Bar at this time. Email if you’d like help finding a solution for sharing specific visuals with those connecting online or for your recording.