Video conferencing

Video conferencing must be scheduled in advance, at least one week prior to your call. If you do not have a confirmation for a call, set up a video conference. Read below for support and instructions while using the video conference equipment during your call.

Operating video conference equipment 

While conducting a video conference, you have the ability to operate the camera controls and determine what people at the distance site/location see. 

Video conference
  1. Press the “Room Mode” button.
  2. Press “Video Conference Mode.” There may be a short delay for the system to switch modes.
  3. Remove a microphone from the drawer and switch it on.
  4. Select a camera preset (Audience Left, Audience Right, Whiteboard, Lectern Wide, or Lectern Close).
  5. Confirm with distant participants that video and audio are working properly.
  6. Select “Presentation On” to share a presentation source with distant participants. Choose the Local Presentation Source to share (VGA Laptop, HDMI Laptop, or Document Camera).
  7. When finished sharing a presentation source, select “Presentation Off.” Only camera images will be shared when the presentation source is off.
  8. When finished with the video conference, return microphones to charging base in drawer. Select “Room Mode” then “System Power Off” to disconnect the video conference and turn off the system.

Key controls

  • Layout, selfview: Arranges content on the monitors and toggles instructor self-image on the screen (picture-in-picture or full screen) 
  • Audience left, right, whiteboard, lectern wide, lectern close: Selects a preset camera view to display (see next page for examples)
  • Local program volume up/down : Adjusts the volume of the laptop computer connected to the system
  • Conference receive level : Adjusts the volume coming from the remote site
  • Mute buttons: Select to toggle microphone mute on/off
  • Room mode: Displays controls for changing the room projection mode
  • Presentation on/off: Switches between presentation sources or camera image
  • Privacy: Mutes all microphones 
  • Local presentation sources: Video sources that can be shared with distant participants and displays content

Connection issues

If a call is in-progress and you have connection issues, contact OIT’s technical support line at 612-626-4444, option 1.

Setup and scheduling

If you have questions about setup or would like to schedule an equipment consultation, contact the Classroom Support Hotline at 612-625-1086 or

Web conferencing—it's different

If you are looking for support for web conferencing using a web-based app or program (e.g. Google Hangouts, WebEx), learn about web vs. video conferencing.

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