Wireless Microphones

To locate a classroom with a microphone installed, use Room Search and filter by selecting “Microphone - Instructor Wireless” as a feature.

Microphones are typically found inside a drawer or on top of the instructor station.

Microphone audio levels are programmed at a set volume level to provide a consistent experience. Adjusting the presentation source volume up or down or pressing “audio mute” will not affect the microphone volume. 

A small number of rooms with newer control systems have the ability to slightly increase or decrease microphone levels (+/- 6 decibels). If available, this can be adjusted from the microphone submenu.

Using a wireless microphone

Two pairs of wireless microphones, first the older black and grey model and the newly adopted one with University "M" logo
  1. Locate the microphone in the charging base.
  2. Remove the microphone from the charging base and clip it to your clothing, about three inches below your chin. If you’d like to use a lanyard and none are found in the drawer, you can request one by emailing classrm@umn.edu.
  3. Press the button on the microphone to unmute or mute the microphone.

If you travel more than 65 feet from the charging base, the unit will turn off and emit an alarm beep to alert you to return the microphone to its charging base.

Return the microphone to the charging base to ensure that it remains charged for the next instructor. Placing the microphone in the charging base will also mute it.


Microphone replacement

We do not have an extra stock of charged microphones available for immediate use.

If a microphone is broken or missing, call the Classroom Support Hotline (612-625-1086) to dispatch a replacement. There will be a delay while a technician installs the new microphone.

Troubleshooting tips

  • To increase or decrease volume in a classroom where microphone adjustments are not provided, reposition the microphone on your clothing. (NOTE: A small number of classrooms provide a way to slightly adjust the microphone sensitivity via a touchscreen sub-menu called, “microphones.”)
  • If a rechargeable microphone is not working properly, first try using the second microphone.

If you have questions or issues, call us at 612-625-1086 or classrm@umn.edu.

If a microphone needs to be charged, place it back in the charger for a minimum of 15-20 minutes. If both microphones are depleted, place them back in the charger and swap them out as the new charge is depleted.

The LED indicator light on the top of the microphone will indicate its status:

  • If it is blinking red, press the side button to unmute it.

  • If it is solid red, the microphone is usable but not fully charged.

  • If it is green, the microphone is charged and on.

  • If it is blinking yellow/green, the battery is low.

  • If it is blinking with any other combination of colors, there is a problem with the microphone.