Learn about web vs. video conferencing

Classrooms owned by OCM offer different capabilities for calls and conferences. In general "web conferencing" refers to calls on a web-based app or program, such as Google Hangouts or Zoom. "Video conferencing" refers to conference calls using specific hardware installed in specific OCM classrooms. The distinctions are important to make sure you get the support you need.

Web conferencing

Web-based conference calls at a glance:

  • Quickly connect via a web browser to your preferred platform:
  • ​​​​​​Relies on your computer or an in-room computer. Only provided in select rooms.
  • Limited in quality by available webcams and microphones*
  • Camera focuses on one person

Web conferencing and web calls are great for group collaboration meetings and webinars.

*Some OCM classrooms are equipped with microphones, webcams, and class capture equipment to aid in making web conference calls. See web conferencing for instructions on how to use the equipment. Use Room Search to find a room that supports web conferencing.

Video conferencing

Video conferences at a glance:

  • Requires validation and setup:
    • Scheduled at least one week in advance
    • Requires both locations to have specific hardware (e.g. Cisco Telepresence)
    • For direction connections, requires both locations to provide IP or SIP address
  • Connects multiple locations
  • Provides high quality audio and video.
  • Camera(s) allow for viewing an entire room of people
  • Only available in select rooms

Video conferencing is limited in its availability compared to web conference calls, and is used for different purposes such as when you need to broadcast an entire room of people, or connect multiple locations. It requires using hardware specific to the rooms where it is supported, and must be arranged at least a week in advance with OCM.

Set up a video conference ahead of time. For support during your call, see video conferencing equipment instructions. Use Room Search to find a room that supports video conferencing.