Compare conferencing equipment

Many general purpose classrooms have equipment that can help with conferencing. See below for details on capabilities and availability.

Class capture 

Class capture is now available in almost all rooms that have instructor microphones. The audio sent into the microphone is made available to your laptop via a provided USB cable at the instructor station. This allows instructor audio to be heard by those online, captured as recorded content, or both.

  • Instructor microphone audio via USB
  • Widely available. On Room Search, first filter room type by "General Purpose Classroom" and then filter features for “Instructor Microphone.”

Webinar (web conferencing)

Webinar equipment adds to Class Capture above by providing an instructor camera to show what’s happening in the classroom.

  • Cameras and mics for the instructor 
  • Relies on your computer using Zoom or Google Hangouts.  (NOTE: installed instructor computers are only available in select rooms.) 
  • Good availability. On Room Search, first filter room type by “General Purpose Classroom” and then filter features for “Web Conferencing.”

Video conferencing

Video conference equipment is a specialized subset of web conferencing that provides in-room equipment to connect those online with the content and the classroom. 

  • Cameras and ceiling mics allow everyone in the room to be seen and heard.
  • Provides higher quality audio and video via the in-room video conferencing equipment.
  • No additional laptop required unless Zoom features are needed*
  • Very limited availability. On Room Search, first filter room type by “General Purpose Classroom” and then filter features for “Video Conferencing.”

If you are planning to connect directly to another video conferencing room instead of using Zoom, your call must be arranged at least a week in advance with OCM.


Conferencing equipment comparison table
Class Capture Webinar (Web conferencing) Video conferencing
Availability Excellent Good Limited
Conferencing equipment Instructor microphone Instructor camera and microphone Cameras, ceiling mic, and video codec
Required equipment Laptop connected via USB Laptop connected via USB None
Zoom Yes Yes Limited*
Other web conf (i.e. Google Hangouts) Yes Yes No**

*Limited participation in Zoom when connected via the in-room system. The room system is not able to view or participate in chat, polls, breakout rooms, and other features that require the full Zoom client via a laptop.

**All video conferencing rooms allow for use as webinar equipment if the web conferencing platform of choice isn't compatible with the video codec in the room.

Use Room Search to find a room with the “instructor microphone,” “web conferencing,”  or “video conferencing” feature.