VCR and DVD retirement plan

All general purpose classrooms are planned to no longer have VCR and DVD players. The classroom projection system equipment standards have been modified due to declining demand and availability of video players. To locate an up-to-date list of room features, use Room Search.

We suggest reviewing your classroom requirements with your departmental scheduling coordinator. Classroom characteristics, such as technology features, must be specified during Collaborative Class Scheduling (CCS) period 1. If you have questions about the retirement plan, contact OCM.

Retirement plan details


The goal of the retirement plan is removing VCR, DVD, or combination DVD/VHS players from select classrooms during the scheduled technology equipment lifecycle updates, as targeted by low classroom equipment usage and Collaborative Class Scheduling (CCS) request data.

Presentation source usage, Spring 2015 through Spring 2018

The equipment that is removed will become spares to use for maintaining the inventory that is kept in classrooms, as well as providing key components and parts for fixing models that are no longer available from manufacturers.

OCM will provide auxiliary input jacks to connect personal video equipment to the classroom projection system in all general purpose classrooms. In addition, OCM is expanding the number of classrooms with HDMI inputs for alternate device hookup.

Reason for retirement plan

VCRs in classrooms were being maintained using a small inventory of spare equipment, but this inventory has now been depleted. This inventory cannot be filled because manufacturers no longer make VCRs and are also reducing production of DVD players. Not only has DVD player production declined by manufacturers, Internet streaming has increased among classroom users.

As the inventory was depleted, OCM consulted with multiple resources on campus before making a decision about this retirement plan. Despite the long-term implementation plan, in which many rooms will not be updated for several years, this information was provided to encourage instructors to evaluate the format of the resources used for class and to begin planning for future use.

In making determinations of future installations or removals, both component usage and demand of room features are used. Demand is identified by specific user requests during CCS period 1. Component usage reporting is a function of the remote monitoring system programmed within the presentation technology control system. Upon review of each room, a decision is made about technology changes and enhancements.

DVD and VHS usage, Spring 2015 through Spring 2018

Support resources

Your departmental, college IT, or media support unit is able to assist you with conversion, finding alternate formats, and answering your questions about permission.

If you have video content that you recorded yourself or is not available in another format, you can transfer the content to a digital file or plan to stream media from another source.

Keep in mind the requirement to obtain consent and maintain copyright protections. The following are sources for media streaming:

  • Download movies and video via iTunes, YouTube, or other content providers

  • Check with the University Libraries, public libraries, or online retailers to see what they have available

  • Bookmark clips and desired content to embed in your presentation or download to your computer

Other presentation options are available for users with computers lacking disk drives. Consult with your departmental IT staff for assistance.

In the small amount of classrooms that include installed computers, the computer is provided and supported by the departmental IT unit, not OCM. Any changes to the computer features will be determined by those units.