2011 Classroom Technology Renewal

Blegen Hall 110
Blegen Hall 110
Instructor Station
Instructor Station
Video projector
Video projector

As part of the OCM's commitment to providing instructional technology in general purpose classrooms, OCM updated classroom equipment in 73 rooms. The project intended to minimize breakdowns and maintain the functionality of the classroom's technology system.

Improvements include: wide-screen video projectors, HDMI input cables, and class capture output connections. Blegen Hall classrooms also had upgraded system control panels installed. 

Each of the classrooms also received a general tune-up of all related technology components.

East bank
Armory 202
Burton Hall 123
Ford Hall 127, 170, & B60
Keller Hall 3-125
Mechanical Engineering 102
Nicholson Hall 155 & 275 (replacing center video projector only)
Peik Hall 28 & 155
Pillsbury Hall 110
Smith Hall 100 & 331
Tate Lab of Physics 150

West Bank
Anderson Hall 250 & 350
Blegen Hall – 1st and 2nd floor 
Carlson School of Management – 1st and 2nd floor 
Hanson Hall – all rooms
Willey Hall 125 & 175 (replacing video projector only)

St. Paul
(Postponed) Borlaug Hall 335 (update instructor station and include document camera, microphone and hearing assist equipment enhancements)
Kaufert Lab 302
Learning and Environmental Sciences R280 & R285
McNeal Hall 10 & 395

The project started in May 2011 and was completed in September 2011.


Project Phase: