Webinar equipment instructions

Many general purpose classrooms have microphones and cameras for instructors that face the front of the room and can be connected to your laptop to host a webinar or send audio and video from in the room to people online. This same equipment can also help capture content

To find rooms with this equipment, use Room Search and filter by selecting “web conferencing” as a feature.

instructor microphones, a wall mounted camera, and red USB cable

Connect your device

Use the red USB cable located at the instructor station to connect the classroom microphone and camera to your device. Once you have the connections in place, there may be additional steps needed to connect with others online. For help using web conferencing, refer to these resources:

Want to involve all the voices in the room?

If you need a microphone that’s designed to capture every voice in the room, consider a room equipped with video conferencing. They feature ceiling microphones that can pick up audio from anywhere in the room.

Find this feature

Use Room Search to find out the specific equipment that can be found in a specific classroom.