Web conferencing

Many OCM rooms are equipped with microphones and cameras that can be used for web-based conference calls using Google Hangout, WebEx, or other. OCM denotes classrooms with microphones + cameras in Room Search as having the feature "web conferencing."

For help using microphones, cameras, or using class capture, see the list of equipment instructions.

Connecting your device

Use the USB cable from the cable pocket to connect the classroom microphone and camera to your laptop computer. The connection method may vary depending on the equipment installed in the classroom.

USB cable

USB cable (built-in)

The USB cable will labeled "USB Camera & Audio" and located in the pocket of the instructor station. Read more about this setup.

USB jack

USB jacks (cable not provided)

Some classrooms don't have built-in USB cables, but still have USB audio and video capabilities through a USB jack. These rooms require a USB cable with A and B connections.

Document camera

Document cameras

Certain models of document cameras can be used as web cams. Document cameras have been installed in several classrooms. Contact OCM if you are unsure what model is installed in your classroom, or locate a classroom with a document camera installed with Room Search.

Depending on the classroom, document cameras will be located on top of the instructor station, inside of the drawer on the side of the instructor station, or in the ceiling above above the instructor station. Learn more about the equipment.

Support for programs

For help with web-based conference programs, refer to OIT's resources for Google Hangouts and WebEx

Find this feature

Use Room Search to find out the specific equipment that can be found in a specific classroom.

Video conferencing—it's different

If you are looking for information about video conferencing using OCM's conferencing hardware, learn about web vs. video conferencing.