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Video conference equipment instructions

cameras and ceiling microphones found in video conferencing classrooms

Video conferencing is useful for connecting an entire room of people to one or more other locations online. There are cameras and microphones for the instructor and for those sitting throughout the room.

Find video conferencing equipment in:

  • Folwell 118

  • Humphrey 20

  • Humphrey 25

  • Peik 165

  • Peters 145

If you need to connect one video conference to another, submit your request to set up a video conference at least one week before your call.


Each room features a dual-display system for presenting to the classroom when you are not in a conference. While in Video Conference mode, the audience left display will always provide video from the call. The audience right display continues to provide a presentation source and is automatically shared with those online. Camera and microphone settings are available via sub-menus on the bottom of the touchscreen.

To start a call, press “Start Video Conference”

Scheduled calls will complete this step for you. If you need to dial out, use the keypad or press “keyboard” to type in an address.

Screenshot of control screen menu

Next steps

  • Check the microphone setup. The ceiling microphone is on when you see a green light. To get rid of unwanted noise from the room, you can mute the ceiling microphone and, instead, use a microphone from the drawer. (You can also use both.)

  • Check the camera settings. You can select either the instructor camera, to show a view of the front of the room, or the audience camera, to show the seating area. While either camera is adjustable to point, tilt, or zoom, the audience camera can zoom in on a current speaker if you make no additional adjustments. Simply toggle back to the instructor and then the audience to turn this feature on.

  • Choose a presentation source to share content with distant participants. When you are done sharing a presentation source, only camera images will be shared when the presentation source is off. It's good practice to ask people online whether the video and audio are working properly.

When you're done with the video conference, return the microphones to the charging base in the drawer. Select “Exit Video Conference” to disconnect the video conference and turn off the system.

Selfview: toggles instructor self-image on the screen (thumbnail picture)

Adjust Volume: Adjusts the volume of up to three sources.

  • Presentation source
  • Video conferencing: Adjusts the volume of incoming audio from the remote site through the in-room system
  • Web conferencing: Adjusts the volume of incoming audio from a web conferencing call as provided by the red USB cable.

Privacy: All audio sent out from the room can be toggled from “Outgoing is Live” to “Outgoing is Muted”, and back.

Mics: This sub-menu lets you mute individual microphones and adjust the levels of handheld mics.

Screenshot of video conferencing touchscreen controls

To connect the in-room system to a Zoom meeting, you can use either of the following methods:

  1. Press the white Zoom button on the video conferencing submenu. When prompted, press #, followed by your meeting number, then # again to connect.
  2. Dial the SIP address provided by Zoom using the touch screen keyboard. It will take the following format: [Meeting ID] 

Once you're connected, you can access an on-screen menu to adjust settings by pressing the number 1 on the keypad. A common setting for any Zoom meeting is to “mute participants upon entry”, which can be changed by selecting option 2. For more information on using the onscreen menu, view Zoom support.

Similar to other general purpose classrooms that are webinar ready, each of these rooms also has a USB cable to let instructors use their own computer to connect to the microphones, speakers, and the instructor camera.

Note that the audience camera is only available when using the in-room video conferencing equipment.

Connection issues

If a scheduled call between video conferencing rooms is in progress and you have connection issues, contact OIT's technical support line at 612-626-4444 and select option 1.

Setup and scheduling

If you have questions about setup or would like to schedule an equipment consultation, contact the Classroom Support Hotline at 612-625-1086 or