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Set up a video conference

There are limited classrooms that are able to host video conferences with dedicated equipment. For a list of rooms, see video conference equipment instructions. There you can find information about using Zoom.

To connect two or more video conferencing rooms (without using Zoom), follow the steps below.

You must have a confirmed room for a video conference before you can schedule the call.

To reserve an equipped general purpose classroom, use Astra Schedule. Please consider setup time so that you can be in the room before everyone connects. We recommend adding at least 15 minutes to your start time.

To reserve a departmental room, contact the department.

Submit a video conference request after you receive confirmation for your reserved room.

You must have the following information:

  • IP or SIP address for each of the locations on the call.

  • Contact information (or point of contact individuals) for each of the locations on the call.

  • Institution, building, and room number of each of the locations on the call.

You will receive an email confirmation of your video conference connection once it's scheduled.

Test the connection site if it is new. Generally, we will tell you if this step is required.

If the distance site has not been previously tested, we will need a minimum of two business days to complete testing to make sure that things are set up properly. This may take longer if there are multiple test locations.

Established video conference sites, such as those at another university, typically do not require testing.

Connection issues

If a call is in progress and you have connection issues, contact OIT's technical support line at 612-626-4444 and select option 1.


If you have questions about setup or would like to schedule an equipment consultation, contact the Classroom Support Hotline at 612-625-1086 or

Services related to video conferencing include:

  • Training and incident response for video conferencing rooms (service charge may apply)

  • Help determining the appropriate technology to support your activity