Compare webinar and video conference equipment

Many general purpose classrooms have equipment for video calls that offer different capabilities.


Webinar equipment allows you to broadcast your voice and content for an online audience or a recording.

  • Cameras and mics are for instructor only

  • Relies on your computer or an in-room computer.  In-room computers are only available in select rooms.

  • Relies on your access to a platform such as Zoom or Google Hangouts

Video conference

Video conference equipment allows for an immersive video call so that all those who are online can see, hear, and interact with the content and people. 

  • Cameras and mics are for everyone in the room

  • Provides higher quality audio and video via the in-room video conferencing equipment.

  • Limited Zoom call participation via the in-room system. If you choose to connect with others via Zoom, then access chat, polls, breakout rooms, and other features will be available when you connect to the same call from your computer.

  • Only available in select rooms

Video conferencing availability is limited. If you are planning to connect directly to another video conferencing room, your call must be arranged at least a week in advance with OCM.

Use Room Search to find a room with the “web conferencing”  or “video conferencing” feature.