External groups

If you are external to the University, you may reserve a general purpose classroom for your event for a fee. You are part of an external group if you have no formal affiliation with the University of Minnesota. This applies even if someone within the University system is assisting you with the scheduling.

Before you request an event, review our classroom expectations of use. Use Room Search to view rooms and their features.

Schedule an event

When you are ready to request a room for your event, submit an event request. OCM will reach out with next steps.

You will need the following items after you submit an initial request:

  • A completed License Agreement as provided by OCM
  • Classroom daily use fee (see details below)
  • Proof of liability insurance (refer to classroom expectations of use)
  • A $500 deposit (if required)

Please submit payments via check made out to the University of Minnesota.

Scheduling timeline and priority

The OCM Scheduling Unit prioritizes event requests based on many factors. Learn more about the event scheduling timeline


Classroom daily use fees for events reserved by external groups are listed in the chart below. Fees are based on room capacity according to the room reserved.

Room capacity Daily use fee*
0-60 $150
61-99 $250
100-249 $550
250+ $750
Willey Hall room 125 $750
Willey Hall room 175 $2,100
*Prices effective Sept 1, 2022 and are subject to change without notice.