Reserved seats

Academic departments may set aside or reserve seats in classes ahead of time for designated student groups. Seats are reserved through individual requests by colleges, departments, collegiate and departmental programs, and University programs.

Guidelines for reserved seats are not designed to limit a college or department in reserving seats, but rather to ensure the largest number of students are able to enroll in classes and to maximize efficient use of resources.


The department that owns the class has full discretion to approve or deny reserved seats requested by an outside department. For example, if CLA requests reserved seats in CHEM 1101, the Department of Chemistry may approve or deny the request.

Setting and monitoring

When you set reserved seats, you are responsible for the following:

  • Indicating a start and release date for the reserved seats. Release dates are set in CCS.
    • For first-year students, SEAM, and FIG, the end of first-year orientation in August is recommended.
    • For CCAPS and PSEO, choose the end of the registration queue.
    • For all other classes, select the Friday before the first day of the term or an earlier date.
  • Monitoring enrollments for your student group to ensure that a reasonable number of seats will be or have been reserved.
  • Releasing seats that will not be needed as early as possible.
  • Managing the seats every semester. Reserved seats are entered into CCS for a specific term. These reserved seats automatically roll forward repeat in the schedules for future like terms, whether or not the seats are needed.

Releasing reserved seats

If no students enrolled for seats that were reserved, the seats will remain empty until the indicated release date. If a student drops registration from a reserved seat, that specific seat can only be filled by another student in the same group. In other words, reserved seats cannot be recycled, they must be released.

If reserved seats have not been previously released by departments, OCM Scheduling will release seats on the Friday before the first day of class each semester.