Astra Schedule

Astra Schedule is the web-based software used to reserve general purpose and departmental classroom space for events and classes throughout the University of Minnesota campus system.

Log into Astra Schedule with one of the following campus-specific links:

For support on using Astra and any software questions, please contact

There are two levels of access to Astra that are defined by their use:

  1. The first level is access that everyone at the University of Minnesota has if you have an active University Internet ID and password. This access allows you to request a room for an event or activity that is not an academic class. No special access request or training is needed to request a room for an event.
  2. The second level of access is reserved for administrative room schedulers who schedule classes and/or events for their academic department.

If you experience issues logging into Astra, first consider the following suggestions:

  1. Remove certain special characters in your password.
    1. The authentication cannot process certain special characters in passwords like #$%^&*(). If you have an uncommon special character in your password for your University Internet ID, please change it and try logging in to Astra again.
  2. Check your personal information suppression preferences for your email address in MyU.
    1. Astra Schedule uses your email address to provide your unique user login to the software. If your email is suppressed from the University’s directory, Astra cannot authenticate your login. Check or update your personal information suppression preferences in MyU: My Info.
  3. Make sure you are listed in the University’s directory.
    1. If your University Internet ID does not exist in the directory, you will not be able to log in to Astra. To add yourself to Active Directory, go to Manage your Internet Account Options, choose “Active Directory Account Options,” and follow the prompts.

If these suggestions do not resolve your issue, contact OCM at

Event scheduling

No special access or training is required to reserve a room for an event (i.e. an activity that is not a class). See event scheduling for instructions and tutorials.

Administrative room scheduling

To request access to schedule department rooms in Astra, submit an Astra Schedule Access Request Form

The Academic Support Resources website has two training modules for staff who need to schedule department rooms in Astra.

Student workers

Student workers may get access to department room scheduling via the Astra Schedule Access Request Form.

They are also welcome to register for and attend the same Astra training modules offered to University staff.  To do a "supervisor-led" training, email

Astra iCop

The Astra Schedule iCop provides ongoing support to administrative room schedulers once basic training is complete. Meeting topics address issues that schedulers experience in their day-to-day use of Astra and serve as an opportunity for users to share ideas with each other and receive help solving specific problems.